Skyfold Line has Extended

With the Zenith NRC – Excellent sound absorption.

With the recent additions to the Skyfold Zenith series you now have two new options, Zenith 51 for exceptional soundproofing and Zenith NRC for excellent sound absorption. This series now gives you walls with sound blocking options consistent to the Classic series, while still providing the sleek, vertical descent unique to Zenith. This expansion to the Zenith series provides customers with even more space-saving possibilities, as  well as additional acoustic options. 

The Zenith series combines the vertically folding appearance of the Classic series at the top portion of the wall with a smooth, straight-down descent thereafter. It’s perfect for areas that may have obstructions which could limit the use of vertically folding walls. 

Skyfold Zenith Series

Like all Skyfold walls, the Zenith series provides lightweight, fully automatic and easy-to-operate acoustic walls that exceed industry standards, uniting performance, flexibility and style. With zero floor or wall tracks, the Zenith series fits seamlessly into any space.

When it comes to style and design, Skyfold’s Zenith series has virtually endless finish options.

System Tested Acoustical Performance

  • Zenith 48 – Excellent soundproofing (STC 48)
  • Zenith 51 – Exceptional soundproofing (STC 51)
  • Zenith 55 – Superior soundproofing (STC 55)
  • Zenith 60 – Maximum soundproofing (STC 60)
  • Zenith NRC – Excellent sound absorption with noise reduction coefficient (NRC / SAC) of up to 0.65 (STC 60)

Completely custom, very quiet, fully automatic, vertically folding retractable walls from Skyfold will redesign your space into a flexible space to achieve acoustic excellence. 

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