Changing the Restaurant Industry with Moveable Walls

With Modernfold, Moodwall or Skyfold

When dining out customers enjoy being in a great atmosphere without listen to converdations happening across the restaurant. Moveable walls can utilize the space you have available while providing this ideal dining environment with excellent acoustics and an inviting atmosphere. 

Comfortable Environment

The moveable walls that we supply can make customers feel comfortable, rather than exposed to everyone in the restaurant. For example, if you’ve made a reservation at a luxury restaurant in downtown Los Angeles to pop the question, you don’t want the restaurant noise to divert your partner’s attention. A moveable wall with outstanding acoustics can provide that much needed privacy and comfort.

Smooth Operation

Our moveable and operable walls run effortlessly along their tracks. If you’re looking to divide your restaurant for private functions, or just to achieve a better atmosphere, we are happy to discuss the options available.

Existing Decor or Custom Design

Moveable walls are extremely versatile. They can be easily adapted to meet any room size or shape. Restaurants can benefit from the outstanding acoustics that come with our high-quality products. It not only changes the atmosphere of the dining environment, they can be custom designed to blend into your existing décor, or be made to be a feature piece to divide the space for a private party.

Easy Configuration

Moveable walls are the perfect investment for any restaurant looking to divide space without any lengthy and permanent construction changes. We provide solutions that are flexible and give you or your clients the opportunity to open and utilize that otherwise unused space. It can provide separate areas within the restaurant and dedicate seating areas for large parties or VIP groups who are seeking additional privacy.

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