Innovative space and sound management operable wall systems


Modernfold manufactures a wide array of space management and sound attenuation products including operable partitions, moveable glass walls and accordion doors. Modernfold’s products enhance space utilization, increase space flexibility allowing for room size to be configured for specific uses, improve sound control through a wide range of acoustic ratings, enhance traffic control and security and improve energy conservation.

Its products are offered in a variety of options and accessories to accommodate the unique requirements of each installation. A variety of skin and finish options are available to meet the aesthetic and performance needs for any application.

Acoustic control is a requirement in virtually every interior environment. Modernfold understands this and offers products with acoustical ratings ranging up to 56 STC.

Operable Partitions

Modernfold operable partitions are used to easily and efficiently transform space and manage sound in interior environments. They are available in heights up to 30 feet and come in a variety of skin and finish options to meet the design and aesthetic requirements of each individual project.


As an industry leader in the moveable wall concept, Modernfold delivers the highest quality, custom wall solutions from start to finish. Modernfold operable partitions provide customers with endless possibilities for their environments. Through Acousti-Seal Legacy and Premier, Modernfold brings innovation, creativity, and vision to interior architectural design. 

Legacy / Legacy Fire Rated / Premier

The Acousti-Seal® series has three unique models to choose from – single, paired, continuously hinged – with acoustic ratings up to 56 STC. All models offer a wide variety of finish options.


Legacy is a moveable wall systems with a welded steel frame and skin. This product line has been in the industry for over 50 years and has been top notch in acoustic, performance, durability, and longevity. 

Legacy Fire Rated

The Fire Rated also features a one-hour and two-hour fire rating, which provides the extra safety precautions that some spaces or buildings require when utilizing operable partitions. These fire ratings are tested at Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) per UL® 10B or NFPA 252.


Premier is a valued designed moveable wall systems that has a welded steel frame with either a gypsum or MDF skins. 

Glass Wall Systems

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems bring the unique features and benefits of glass to the design and layout for corporate, retail, hospitality and entertainment environments. Glass walls offer transparency, daylighting, versatility, space management, comfort and elegance to the design process. The systems are available in a range of designs and configurations allowing them to easily meet the unique requirements for every space.

Acousti-Clear® Glass Wall

Acousti-Clear® glass wall offer the best combination of acoustics and aesthetics – ultra-sleek aesthetics of aluminum and glass with an acoustical rating of 45 STC.

Moveable Glass Walls

Modernfold moveable glass walls models include Compactline, DRS and Pure View. Each model provides solutions for complex layout challenges requiring simplified set up and storage.


Compactline offers lightweight, easy to use, straight line, angled or curved configurations. Distinctive curved top and bottom transitions with continuous glass frontage which provide enhanced aesthetics in overall appearance.


The DRS is comprised of the highest quality materials and offers innovation in design to meet the most demanding layout conditions.

Pureview & Pureview Plus

The Pureview system offers a continuous transparent glass surface without vertical trim. The Pureview is available with locking components making it ideal for space division that requires visibility with security. Pureview Plus allows for pass doors. Both systems have acoustical control up to 37 STC ratings.

ComfortDrive® System

ComfortDrive® is an automated self-driving panel system. With the ability to simply press a button that automatically divides your space into a variety of preprogrammed layouts correctly and efficiently every time. When used with Acousti-Clear panels, an STC rating of 51 can be acheived. 

Single Point Fitting System

Modernfold’s Single Point Fitting System features a high-grade stainless steel finish and distinctive, flush-mounted attachments. Enhanced functionality, openness and transparency makes single point fitting systems ideal for banks, shopping malls, galleries and more.

Folding Sliding System

With no floor track, FSW-C and FSW-G folding sliding walls provide openness with transparency. They can be combined with Pure View panels to enhance functionality while filling spaces with light.

Accordion Doors

Modernfold Accordion Doors and Partition offer quick sight and sound separation in either manual or electric operation.


Soundmaster accordion partitions offer economical and versatile space division along with moderate sound attenuation.


Modernfold accordion doors and partitions offer durability, replaceable skins and easy operation.


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