Salesforce is the Skyfold Project of the Month

San Francisco, California

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company head-quartered in San Francisco, California. They are the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This Salesforce workplace at One Rincon Center in downtown San Francisco features a community events hall, corporate cafeteria and café. Gensler San Francisco designed the space to be an extension of the urban environment, using street inspired design elements including unfinished plywood, graffiti and paint can graphics. Users from more than 40 Salesforce cities visit the space regularly and employees bring in some 50 clients and vendors a day to experience the collaborative space.

The community events hall includes a multi-media presentation room with an extended plywood bleacher backdrop to accommodate larger events. The two Skyfold Classic 55 walls in this space are synchronized to retract in unison and reveal the extended seating area behind it. This hall is in constant use and the events staff give Skyfold high praise for the agility it gives them to convert the space from a focused, acoustically-isolated meeting room to a large, theater-like environment.

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