Acousti-Clear® designed and engineered for users in mind.

Modernfold Acousti-Clear®

Designed and engineered for the user in mind, the Acousti-Clear acoustical glass partition system provides an all-inclusive family of acoustical glass wall products which provides both the advantages of moveable partitions as well as fixed office fronts within any space. By providing matching ultra-sleek and contemporary panel frames between products, each space can mix and match between operable and fixed panels seamlessly to accomplish ultimate flexibility and space desirability.

Acousti-Clear Motorized

Acousti-Clear Motorized partitions eliminates any and all set-up concerns with its’ innovative ComforTronic® motorized seal system. Once the single panel is pushed into place, motorized top and bottom seals activate to provide a constant and perfect seal every time to  maximize acoustics.

Acousti-Clear Automatic

Acousti-Clear Automatic partitions are available in both single and paired panel systems and offer maximum flexibility for challenging or complex layout issues. These partitions feature Modernfold’s innovative seal system which automatically sets both top and bottom seals by simply advancing each panel forward into the adjoining panel with no cranks to turn or buttons to push.


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