Containment Partitions

Fast, Functional, Healthier Offices

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing all companies to rethink their workplace strategy and office design to maintain social distancing standards.

As an occupant in a building with raised access floors, you are at a significant advantage over other companies to address these measures. The
reconfigurability, improved air quality, personal airflow control and variety of hard finish options have given you the future-proof foundation to enact the changes required today.

Custom Containment Partitions Can Help

Using our full line of Containment Partitions, we are helping companies optimize space requirements for social distancing while maintaining a collaborative space. Built from our fully stocked inventory of airflow management solutions, these raw materials can be fully customized to meet the height, width and flexibility requirements of any furniture strategy, including benching, cubicles or sit/stand desktop configurations. The Containment Partitions can be mounted to the floor, desk or both. Our streamlined engineering and manufacturing processes allow us to create customized solutions quickly at low cost to meet aggressive occupancy schedules.

    Fast, Functional, Healthier Offices

    Features & Benefits of Containment Partitions

    Containment Partitions are extremely useful in facility conversions to create individual areas where social distancing standards cannot be maintained.

    • Fully customizable
    • Framing in black, white or grey
    • Panels available in clear or opaque
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to sanitize

    Additional Products & Services

    Regardless of how old your building is, we have almost certainly launched new products since you’ve occupied the space. We are here to assist in everything from proper UFAD diffuser placement and distribution techniques that maximize the air quality and personal comfort of your space, to assisting with the addition of resilient and hard surface finishes that can be installed in large and small areas as needed.We would like to extend an invitation to assist with the planning and implementation of your coming configuration changes. 

    Interested in Containment Partitions?

    Contact us if you have any further questions or send us your proposed design, and get a consultation specific to your project requirements.